Kaiser Maximilian Restaurant Week 2015 Menu

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Kaiser Maximilian Restaurant Week 2015 Menu

There’s a touch of Europe in Puerto Vallarta where elegant dishes are expertly prepared with quality ingredients. Kaiser Maximilian is celebrating 20 years as one of the cities finest restaurants and you can join in the festivities.

It is the 11th year for Restaurant Week, which runs May 15 to 31, 2015 and it gives people a chance to sample some of the best food in Banderas Bay at exceptional prices. Kaiser Maximilian has participated every year and this year offers three courses for $299 and there are choices for each course.

“The standard for Restaurant Week is three choices for each course,” says Chef and Owner Andreas Rupprechter, “but I have decided to give clients even more options for the same low price.” He lets you decide between six appetizers, six entrées and five desserts.

The food brings a certain creative flare, and at its heart, Kaiser Maximilian is about familiar flavors crafted by their expert culinary team and served in a European bistro atmosphere.

Here is the Restaurant Week Menu and it is served at Espresso Bar from noon until 11pm and in the Main Dining Room from 5 to 11pm.


*Tossed Garden Salad with mixed greens, pumpkin seeds, grapes, apples, celery and a honey-walnut vinaigrette

*Spinach Strudel with mixed greens and tomatoes

spinach strudel3322

*Marinated beets & carrots, mixed berry sauce, fine greens and goat cheese

*Onion soup with white wine, toast and grated cheese

*Garlic and Herb Bread Soup

*Red Cabbage Cream Soup with roasted duck crust and a potato dumpling

 Main Courses

*Fish fillet with risotto, cauliflower and smoked chilies

*Chicken breast with rosemary on mashed potatoes, mustard-seed sauce and garlic roasted vegetables

rosemary chicken3333-2

*Roasted leg of veal on glazed vegetables, Spätzle and cream sauce with mushrooms


*Wienerschnitzel, breaded pork loin with potatoes and Austrian salad

*Zwiebelrostbraten, flat pounded beef loin covered with Austrian onion rings and sautéed potatoes


*Rahmschnitzel, sautéed pork loin escallops with homemade noodles and a mushroom sauce


*Strawberry Royal, yogurt ice cream with fresh strawberries and whipped cream

*Crème Brulée, vanilla cream under a caramelized sugar crust

*Vanilla Ice Cream covered with a hot crepe, chocolate sauce and pecans

*Austrian Apple Strudel with vanilla ice cream

apple & ic3260-2

*Copa Maximilian, vanilla and pecan ice cream, bananas, Kahlúa and whipped cream

The regular a la carte menu will also be available.

 Kaiser Maximilian features mouth watering Austrian and European cuisine developed from authentic family recipes. Restaurant Week gives you a chance to try many of the dishes offered at an excellent price.


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