Valentine’s dinner at Kaiser Maximilian Puerto Vallarta

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A February holiday has been recognized for thousands of years. Its history has several beginnings.

The tradition of Valentine’s Day is believed to have originated from the pagan customs of the third or fourth century BC when the Parentalia and Feralia Festivals of Purification were celebrated in ancient Rome between February 13 and February 18. This was also the time of a Fertility Festival which celebrated a young man’s rite of passage and involved animal sacrifices and fertility rituals.

With the appearance of Christianity, priests attempted to replace such ancient heathen practices. In the fifth century AD, the church resolved to abolish this pagan celebration by creating its own holiday around the same date and selecting a saint who was remembered for his devotion to love. Saint Valentine became the official Patron Saint of Love and the holiday continued to evolve.

You can celebrate this sweetheart of a holiday at Kaiser Maximilian with a tempting special a la carte menu or you can order off of the regular menu. Executive Chef Juan Carlos Palomer created wonderful selections for this occasion.

Vegetable terrine with shrimp, bell pepper sauce
Potato gnocchi with mushrooms, spinach and truffle sauce
Lobster bisque with puff pastry

Lobster Thermidor with rice and sautéed vegetables
Beef Tenderloin with tomato tarte tatin, mushrooms, mint, sauce bordelaise

Dessert Duo
Heisse Liebe, vanilla ice cream with warm raspberry sauce and chocolate mousse

By the way, heisse in German means hot and liebe means love, but this popular saying translates to great love or very much in love. You will love this dessert.

Please made reservations for February 14, 2015, so you can secure the table and time you desire, 223 0760 or 222 5058. The regular dinner menu and the Valentine’s Day menu is available from noon to 11pm at Espresso Bar and in the Main Dining Room from 5 to 11pm. The special a la carte menu will be featured until February 28, 2015.

Spend a romantic evening at Kaiser Maximilian Restaurant in Puerto Vallarta.


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