Kaiser Maximiliam’s Theme Night Menu

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A very divergent blend of excellent food and restaurants makes New York City a superb culinary destination. Many different ethnic groups settled in the city and have contributed to the overall food variety. It is the most diverse restaurant city in the world.

Anuncio FEstival Gourmet 2014Puerto Vallarta, Mexico is second only to Mexico City as a culinary destination in the country and during November it showcases some of the world’s best chefs during the Festival Gourmet. This is the 20th year of this celebration and it attracts visitors from all over Mexico, the US and Canada.

Kaiser Maximilian restaurant has participated every year. This year they have brought in Chris Bradley, Executive Chef at Untitled in New York City. He will be sharing some of his unique recipes during the event.

The Chef’s Theme Night Dinner, which is New York, New York, will feature the iconic foods of New York City. It will be on Tuesday, November 18, 2014, starting at 8pm. You do not want to miss it. There will be a six-course meal with wine pairings for each course, live music and the cost is $1200 pesos per person. Reservations are a must because this event always sells out. You can call the restaurant at 322 223 0760 to secure your table for this feast.

“The chefs at Kaiser Maximilian and myself have reconfigured classic New York recipes to work with the products available in Puerto Vallarta,” says Chris, “many of the old recipes have heavy ingredients so we have lightened up the fare and still retained the great flavors.”

Chef and owner of Kaiser Maximilian, Andreas Rupprechter, his Executive Chef Juan Carlos Palomera and Chris have developed a spectacular menu for the theme night with its six courses.

*Salmon Pastrami with potato latke, beets, red onions and cucumbers
*Waldorf Salad made with chicory, apples, celery, grapes and tossed with a honey-walnut vinaigrette
*Manhattan Clam Chowder with gnocchi, bacon and smoked tomato
*Roasted Red Snapper topped with a Wenberg sauce  celery, fennel and spinach
*Delmonico Steak served with potato gratin, creamed kale, Bordelaise
or General Tso’s Tofu with broccoli, barley fried rice and peanuts
*NY Cheesecake with raspberry, blueberry and basil

Not only will there be a great menu but musician Julio Cabrera from the Hotel Santa Lucía in Mascota will be entertaining everyone with Mediterranean, bossa nova and trova music. He will be performing with Oscar Terrazas, from Puerto Vallarta, who is known for his work on the saxophone. It will be an evening of harmonious tunes.

Enjoy an evening of exceptional food, flavorful wines, wonderful music and excellent hosts at Chef’s Theme Night at Kaiser Maximilian.


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